Get the perfect stubble with astubble trimmerIt seems every other guy is rocking the stubble look these days, it’s become one of the coolest, manliest and most refined masculine looks with many A-list celebrities sporting the old 5 o’clock shadow beard. If your one of these guys and are looking for the best stubble trimmer to obtain the perfect stubble then read on.

Get the Perfect 5 0’clock Shadow

Now before we get started we should define stubble. For the purposes of this post stubble is not to be confused with a beard, stubble is kept at such a length that it doesn’t grow out long enough to be classified in the beard category.

It also makes sense then, that if you want to keep your stubble below the beard threshold (yes I am saying this with tongue firmly planted in my stubbly cheek) that you use the correct tools, in particular the correct trimmer.

The difference between a beard and stubble trimmer

At first glance you may mistakenly assume a stubble trimmer is just another label for a beard trimmer, but your assumption would be incorrect.

The main difference is a beard trimmer is designed to trim and clip longer facial hair, where as a stubble trimmer is more suited to maintain that 5 o’clock shadow look due to its ability to trim closer to the root of the hair.

Whilst there are indeed trimmers that purport to be beard and stubble trimmers, we advise you only buy stubble trimmers that clearly indicated they specialize in maintaining stubble or trimming, as they are the only devices that will help you develop and maintain that five o’clock shadow look.

Now we know to avoid beard trimmers, or even beard stubble trimmers, the only question remaining is –

What is the best stubble trimmer?

  • In our opinion the most essential thing as stated above is that the trimmer is clearly labelled for “stubble“, not beards.
  • Setting which allows you to cut your facial hair down to at least 1 mm (0.04 inch).
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Carbon or self-sharpening blades to ensure perfect stubble every time.

Top 3 Stubble Trimmers of 2016

1. Philips Norelco QT4022 Stubble Trimmer Pro Review

The stylish maroon Philips Norelco QT4022 Stubble Trimmer - Best Stubble trimmer 2015The Philips Norelco QT4022 is in our humble opinion, one of the best, if not THE best stubble trimmer on the market.

The main reason is it is truly designed specifically for trimming stubble cutting your stubble to as low as ½ mm, with 20 different length settings going as high as 10 mm.

The 0.5 mm minimum makes it one of the closest, most precise trimmers on the market,

  • Length setting – 20 different settings ranging from 1/2 mm to 10 mm (each setting is an increase of 0.5 mm)
  • Precision zoom lock
  • Maintenance free
  • Cordless (or corded if you prefer)
  • Washable

Super close shave, one of the closest (0.5 mm) of any stubble trimmer we have used.

It’s a solid piece of equipment that’s built to last, it’s a bit weightier than the cheaper models on the market and there are no flimsy parts on the QT4022 that are likely to fatigue or break.

No slip rubber grip feels great and provides a lot of stability, which is crucial when you are trimming down to the lowest settings.

When turned on its super quite, not the most critical feature I’m sure you will agree, but a nice touch none the less, you can easily listen to the radio whilst perfecting your five o’clock shadow.

Comes in a sexy and stylish dark maroon, which is much darker than the promoted image.


As with most stubble trimmers there isn’t the vacuum that you find on a lot of beard trimmers.

For cordless use it does take a whopping 10 hours to fully charge the NiMH battery and lasts 35 minutes, this is mainly due to the smaller unit only using a NiMH battery as opposed to bigger beard trimmers which have Lithium Ion battery.


This is our number one recommended, slightly ahead of the QT4022 mainly for its lower price and the fact it’s the only trimmer that currently trims all the way down to 0.5 mm, you won’t find a stubble trimmer that goes lower or even matches this level of closeness.

Rating – We absolutely love the Philips Norelco QT4022, it ranks as number one on out best stubble trimmer 2016 list and we give it a perfect score


We hope you found our Philips Norelco QT4022 review helpful, look for a more in-depth review soon.

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2. Philips Norelco QT4021 Stubble Trimmer Review

The Norelco QT4021 From Philips

The Philips Noreleco QT4021 stubble trimmer, was the trimmer I had been using before I changed to the QT4022. The only reason I changed was I just wanted to try something new to review.

The QT4021 is possibly the Rolls Royce of stubble trimmers and at over $200 it has a price to match.

  • Self-sharpening, stronger than titanium blades.
  • No maintenance, blades don’t require oiling.
  • 9 beard length settings, ranging from 1 mm to 18 mm to help you form the 5 o’clock shadow you desire.
  • Cord or cordless operation (35 minutes of cordless use)
  • Contour following flex stubble comb.
  • 10 hour fully charged time

One of the major plus’s for this model is its looks, it’s a very stylish looking trimmer.

The Noreleco QT4021 has self-sharpening blades and a removable flexing stubble comb.

The self-sharpening blades lead to a precise shave every time.

No oil needed for the blades, the self-sharpening mechanism is a very cool addition.

Removing the flexing stubble comb allows you to use the trimmer as a precise detail shaver, to help you create a perfect outline to your stubble.


The price is why we place it at second on our list, because the QT4021 wins first spot just based on the fact it’s over $50 cheaper

Having said that if you can afford the price tag, then owning this stubble trimmer is a must. It’s not going to impress the ladies or anything, but if you’re the type of guy that has to have the best, then the Philps Noreleco QT4021 stubble trimmer is perfect for you. It just screams quality and elite style.

The QT4022 also cuts a little closer with the lowest setting being 0.5 mm. In contrast the Philps Noreleco QT4021 doesn’t cut quite as close, with 1mm being its lowest setting.

One more small gripe is it has 9 settings, whereas the QT4022 has 20, so you don’t quite have the range of options to discover the perfect length for your 5 o’clock stubble.


The hefty price tag, sees a half point deduction on what otherwise would be a perfect score for the stubble enthusiast, who doesn’t need his stubble below 1 mm.

Rating – A little expensive, but if you can afford it, this trimmer will take pride of place in your bathroom cabinet. Not suitable for those who won’t a super close (.5mm or less) shave.


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3. Conair Men’s Super I-Stubble Trimmer Review

The Conair i-stubble also known as babyliss i-stubbleThe Conair i-stubble trimmer (branded internationally as the Babyliss i stubble (BPSS1)) is one of the more heavily promoted stubble trimmer on the market.

Due in large part to its catchy name, the Conair stubble trimmer is extremely popular with 5’oclock shadow aficionados.

Popularity doesn’t always equal quality, but in the case of the Conair i-stubble trimmer it does, well at least to an extent.

While we would recommend you choose one of the Philips products above, if you are gifted one or are restricted by budget (the I-Stubble is a little cheaper than Norelco QT4022), the Conair stubble trimmer will do a more than adequate job.

  • Super extra close 0.4 mm minimum length trim
  • 5.0 mm max length with increments of 0.2 mm (15 settings)
  • Motorized length control.
  • Ultra-flex contoured head traces the shape of your head perfectly, to give totally even stubble.
  • Affordable price
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Dual Battery System
  • 5 minute “quick” charge
  • Extremely clear, large LCD display

This affordable unit from Conair (branded as Bayliss overseas) does exactly what it purports to, it helps you create and maintain the perfect stubble, even at its amazingly lowest setting of 0.4 mm.

The simple large LCD display is great and stylish.

Speaking of style the unit looks quite stylish, even if it is a little less so than the Philips models.


The components that make up the I-stubble are of a lower quality than the Philips Norelco models. In our testing this translates to them being less robust and well some components simply broke, in particular the motor that controls the length setting has died on us in 3 different units.

Unlike the Philips models, the Conair i-stubble trimmer is not waterproof, so it is a pain to clean and you can forget about using it in the shower.

The “rapid” 5 minute charge is a bit misleading, this is fine for doing a very small area, but to do your whole stubble, be prepared to charge the i-stubble for at least 30 minutes. This is the same for most trimmers, but we just wanted to mention it, in-case you were thinking that 5 minutes would be enough to do your stubble.

It’s quite a loud device and you will need to purchase and use oil on the blades to keep them sharp.

Its maximum setting (5 mm) is a little low for what we would classify as stubble, we would like to see the maximum length in 15-18 mm range, it just gives you more variety so you can give your stubble a noticeably different look.


An excellent choice for those who value price over style. Can be prone to breaking down, in particular the length setting motor having said that many amazon reviewers report they have had no such issues, so maybe we just had a bad batch?

If you’re looking for a specialist stubble trimmer, but can’t afford the Philips model then the Conair is a little cheaper and still excellent value.

Rating – The Conair i-stubble is the prefect stubble trimmer for those on a budget.


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Conclusions and Recommendations

The three stubble trimmers above are the best purpose built trimmers on the market. Choosing anyone of them will be sufficient for your needs, but if you have the budget and prefer a little higher end quality I would suggest you look at the Philips models.

We hope you enjoyed out best stubble trimmer reviews, we hope you got some value from them and that they help you form a decision as to what is the perfect stubble trimmer for you.

If you have any other suggestions or have any feedback or thoughts to share on what the best stubble trimmers are, please share it with us by entering a message below.

So there you have it, the Philips Norelco QT4022 is our best stubble trimmer 2016.

Updated – February 3rd, 2016