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beard coloringA lot of guys that grow a beard love to leave them looking “au natural” that is they enjoy the look of different colors of hairs (including grey) that their faces sprout.

Many of us however, prefer to keep the beard an even looking color, in particular hiding the tell tale signs of again, those dreaded grey hairs.

If your lucky the grey in your beard will suit you, growing symmetrically across your face in just the right places, but for most of us it appears patchy and can make your beard look extremely untidy.

If you decide to color or dye your beard there are now a number of ways to do it successfully, with minimal effort.

Do It Yourself

I don’t recommend going to the salon to get expensive permanent dyes to dye your beard. You will be constantly going back for costly “top ups” as the roots of your beard will soon grow out and be noticeable.

I use and recommend a simple cheap product “Just for Men Moustache and Beard Dye“. It available just about everywhere so you wont have any trouble finding it, but if you do check out the following link to grab some from Amazon – click here

A new product I am looking forward to trying out shortly is a creme based hair dye called Refectocil. Primarily made for eyelashes and eyebrows, it also work very well on adding a tint of color to your beard, if you’re keen you can check it out here.

Choose Your Color

This is perhaps the most crucial step in beard coloring, getting the color wrong can make your beard look very artificial, almost like a fake beard.

Go for colors that match your hair color as close as possible, if anything err on the side of a shade or two lighter as in my experience, using a lighter dye handles your greys no worries, but you don’t end up with a totally uniform color, it leaves it much more natural looking than if you use darker colors.

Having said that don’t go too light as you need to keep in mind, the color will dull down and fade a lot after each wash and shampoo.

Prepare Your Beard and Face

For the best results this step is very important.

The chemicals found in most hair dyes can be harsh on some folks, particularly those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies. Its vital you test a little patch of skin to see if you have any adverse reactions before dyeing your entire beard. If you do have any bad reactions (usually reddening or irritation of the skin) you can try the the Natural beard dyes such as Henna.

On the date your going to color your beard, don’t wash or shampoo it, this apply’s to the night before application as well. The reason for this is we want the natural oils to be present in your beard, this helps the hairs absorb the dye more readily.

Another good idea is to use Vaseline around the edges of the beard on your neck and cheeks, to prevent the dye staining.

Apply the Beard Coloring

Now its time for the fun and potentially messy task of applying the dye to your beard.

Things you will need –

  • Paper towels – lots of them, you will need them to clean up any excess, spilt or splatted die. Trust me you will get die somewhere you don’t want it to be and when you do you want to get it off immediately, if you don’t, depending on the surface, it can be hard to get off, if not impossible.
  • Old Towel / T shirt – to cover your shoulders, basin, bathroom cabinet top and tiles under your feet, you wan to avoid getting the dye on any of these surfaces as it can be very heard to clean off.
  • Latex gloves – should come in your dye kit and will prevent your hands getting stained.

Most Beard coloring kits come in the form a of a dye you buy, much like the just for men moustache and beard dye I use.

Typically the process involves mixing the base color with the color developer solution, before applying the newly mixed solution to the beard hair.

Apply the solution as evenly as possible. Once your happy with the coverage start a timer (just for men is 5 minutes).

Once the recommended time has passed, you will want to get into the shower immediately and rinse your beard until the water in the shower runs clear.

Make sure you stick to the products recommend time limit. Wait longer and your beard color will become much darker, wait to little and your color will be too light.

See the Just for men instruction video below to get a better idea of how to apply your beard dye.

Just for Men Moustache and Beard Dye

In our opinion the just for men range of beard dyes works extremely well for the majority of people. I recommend you give it a try  before using any other beard coloring product as its cheap and very affective for the majority of guys wanting to color their beards.

Take a look at the video below to see just how easy it is to successfully apply just for men beard and moustache products.

There is a large range of colors in the just for men range, even a new product called “Touch of Grey” which as the name suggests leave a little grey to give older guys a more natural look, where as the traditional “Moustache & Beard

Check out the full range of Just for men Beard and moustache products here

Natural Beard Dye

For most people using a dye like Just for men moustache and beard dye will be fine, but for some people the chemicals in these products can adversely effect the skin.

For these people there are now a number of natural alternatives that should be more gentle on  your skin. The most popular and effect of these is the henna beard dye’s.

Henna Beard Dye

The Henna Beard dye’s available on the market are chemical free as its derived from plant based ingredients.

Henna has been used for centuries particularly in India where they are used for decorative non permanent tattoos.

The preparation and application of henna dyes can differ widely, but most require you to mix powdered henna with water to form a paste which you then apply to the beard.

Surya Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream is the best henna beard dye we have found so far and highly recommend it if you cannot use the Just for men product. Click here for more information.

Maintaining the Color

The best way to maintain a good color between coloring is to use a colored henna moustache wax. You will be able to touch up small areas where grey or uneven color appears, personally I think its just as easy to re-dye the beard when the color becomes uneven.


We hope you enjoyed reading our beard coloring guide and found it helpful. If you have your own thoughts or experiences about beard coloring we would love to hear from you, simply fill in the comments box below.

Below you will find what are in our opinion the best beard dye on the market. Just for mean Beard and Moustache is perfect if your looking for an even, natural color, if you’re a little older maybe you prefer to keep a touch of grey, in which chase the Just for men touch of grey will be perfect for you. Lastly if you have any adverse reaction to the chemicals in most beard dye’s, or you simply want to avoid using chemicals the Surya Brasil Henna Cream is an excellent all natural alternative.


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