Best Beard Softener – How to Make Your Beard Softer

How To Make Your Beard Softer

A beard can be the ultimate sign of masculinity and enhance the attractiveness of the bearded man.

But if you expect this edge in attractiveness to lead to lip locking passionate embraces from the subject of your desire, then you better make sure that kissing you isn’t like puckering up to a porcupine or cactus.

Aside from putting of any possible amorous advances, having a prickly beard can drive you crazy, leading you to constantly itch and scratch at your beard.

Beard softening is an easy process, but requires constant attention, just like any other form of grooming.

Simple Beard Softening tips

1.Wash your beard daily

The first thing you want to ensure you do is keep your beard clean by washing it daily. During the day your beard becomes a haven for food particles, oil, dirt and nicotine if you smoke. Washing your beard daily in warm water will help it maintain a soft feel as well as keep it odour free.

2. Beard oil

After you have washed your beard, rub some beard oil into your beard using your hands, ensuring you cover the whole beard evenly.

3. Beard shampoo

Three times a week you should use a specialised beard shampoo to give your beard a deeper cleanse and keep your follicles condition so they remain soft.

4. Apply beard balm

Rub some beard balm into your beard as well, each evening before you head off to bed, this will help moisturise your bed and keep it feeling silky.

5. Avoid trimming

Another way to prevent the ends of your beard hair becoming prickly is to avoid cutting your beard to often, the longer it grows the softer the ends of each hair will be.

Keeping the routine above will ensure your beard remains soft.

Best Beard Softener

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