How to Stop Beard Itch – Relieve That Annoying Beard or Stubble Itch

stop beard itchStubble or beard itch is a condition encountered by just about any guy with stubble, so its no real surprise guys are jumping online and searching for how to stop beard itch. If  you have ever had beard itch you will know isn’t not some small irritating itch it can be quit maddening and lead to scratching yourself raw in extreme cases.

Its one of the main reasons most guys give up on the journey of developing stubble or growing a full beard and sadly returning to the land of shaven faces.

What are the causes?

The most common cause of an itchy beard Is simply your hair growing, in particular in the first few weeks of going from clean shaven to growing out your beard.

Another possible cause of an itchy beard is dry skin. This is common among those with bushy beards which are not properly conditioned. As a result, the skin underneath is unable to get the much needed moisture and the dryness that follows consequently leads to an itchy beard. The dryness, coupled with the dirt and dust particles as well as the debris and dry skin cells collected by the beard, is a perfect ingredient for an itchy beard.

How to stop beard itch

  • Tough it out – The first option is to tough it out! If you can put up with it, the itch will subside after a few weeks of growing your beard or stubble. If your itch prevails once your beard has grown it could be more related to cleanliness or dry skin forming underneath your beard.
  • Cleaning – One of the best methods for dealing with an itchy grown beard is cleaning it. Cleaning helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells as well as the dirt and dust particles that often develop around the beard and cause the itchiness, especially after a shave. When cleaning, try as much as possible to shun general hair shampoo and instead go for the kinds specifically manufactured for beard care.
  • Repair – Even when your beard is fully established it can still itch and drive you crazy. This could be as a result of harsh soaps and detergents, or as a result of heat styling which can damage the hair of your beard. This kind of damage to beard hair often spans the entire length of the hair from the tip to the root of the beard, the damaged hair then inhibits the growth of emerging ones, which can lead to irritation. The best remedy for this circumstance is to use a special prepared beard oil. These oils usually have the ability to heal the damaged hairs and moisturize the area for a smoother growth of all emerging hairs.

Conditioning and moisturizing

Temperance Beard OIl to help control your itchBeard itch can also be managed by conditioning the beard as often as possible in order to bring about the soft feel. There are many products in the market for this and while you are about it, you should always ensure you select products that are specifically designed for the beard and not for the scalp of other areas of the skin. In other words, don’t use your normal shampoo or conditioner.

Moisturising the beard will also keep itchiness at bay by preventing dry skin from forming. This is achieved by hydrating the beard regularly in order to ensure the skin gets and retains as much moisture as possible, wash the beard with water often and use a moisturiser.

Without a doubt the number one thing I recommend for combating beard itch is a good beard oil, not only will it help sooth your itchiness, it will make your beard much softer. You only need a few drops a day to keep your beard in tip top shape and itch free.

Look for our review on the best beard oils soon, in the meantime we highly recommend the Temperance brand of beard oil, we have been using it for years. Learn More Here

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