Moustache Waxing Done Right In 5 Easy Steps!

These days there is nothing more stylish than rocking a a moustache! Young guys everywhere are growing out their stache’s, and not just growing them, they have rediscovered the art of moustache waxing, styling and grooming

Having a waxed moustache portrays an air of confidence, your not afraid to stand out from the crows while having a bit of fun.

Moustaches were first fashioned around 30, 000BC and there is no doubt that today, they remain effective visual makers and also proud signifier’s of excellent pubescent transformation for most people.

In the past having a moustache was even a marker of military rank!

Today moustache waxing is once again fast becoming a trend in the fashion industry .

moustache waxing and grooming

Moustache wax is generally used to control and also style up a moustache, so with practice and some wax you can create all sorts of styles and looks.

Waxes come in a plethora of different varieties including traditional, tinted, vegan or petrochemical free, they also come in different grades of strength.

Are you confident and outgoing enough to try moustache waxing for yourself? Well, here is a guideline on how to wax your moustache that will guarantee you do it right.

Step 1 – Warm your wax

Wax is best applied when it’s soft and for some waxes this may require heat but I am glad to say most modern waxes work perfectly at room temperature.

For those that do need heat, using hair drier or placing the container into hot water will do the trick.

Step 2 – Scrap off some wax using your nail

To do this all you need is to position your finger on the surface of the wax ensuring that the tip of your nail gazes the surface, then slide your finger nail across the wax surface from one end to the other. With the wax at the back of your nail make a ball the size of a pea by using your for finger and thumb.

Step 3 – Using your fingers flatten the ball

By now the wax should be warm and very easy to work with, using the flattened ball make sure to rub it back and forth along the length of your moustache to ensure it binds evenly.

Step 4 – Use a comb to rake the wax

Work the wax starting from the centre of the moustache all the way to the tips repeatedly, and then use a comb to ensure that the wax is well spread throughout the whiskers.

Step 5 – Mould and Shaping

Depending on which style you prefer, you can now mould and shape your whiskers, which style is dependent on how you want it to look on you. You can choose to shape it like Dick Dastardly or Hulk Hogan the choice is all yours. The final stage to get out amongst your friends and show of your new look!

Note – Allow sometime for the wax to dry before heading out into public. Do an inspection of your moustache to ensure it looks presentable. Bear in mind initially your waxed moustache may seem to appear greasy but it will stiffen and dries within 10 – 20 mins, depending on the wax you are using. Make sure that flakes or stray bristles are not visible (flakes are usually a sign your wax needs to be replaced).

Keeping your moustache trimmed is also important, I personally use my stubble trimmer to clean up the areas around the moustache, its small and nimble which prevents me from taking chunk out of my Moustache! Check out what we think is the best stubble trimmer.

So there you have it, give moustache waxing a go! I will post photos of my results soon, in the meantime let us know how you get on with your own attempts and moustache waxing.



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