How to Develop and Maintain The Perfect Stubble

A lot of guys think simply letting their beards grow out for a day or two will see them develop the perfect stubble. Well sadly this coudlnt be futher from the truth.

Developing the prefect stubble is a little more complicated, you will want to maintain an even length over the entire area of your beard to give it a groomed, yet rugged look.

Generate the Perfect StubbleThe stubble, or 5 o’clock shadow as its often called, is a very masculine way for a man to get some added sex appeal. Not only have studies proven time and time again that women love the stubble look, it can also help hide many flaws if you have bad skin or scars, but it can also help give you a more rugged, mature look which some guys find hard to pull off without stubble.

it also present a face of confidence, your thumping your nose to society’s rules by not being clean shaven, but your perfect stubble is kept neat and groomed so you still look stylish and sexy.

The Perfect length for the Perfect Stubble?

  • The perfect length for your stubble will depend largely on you.
  • If your beard is thick and coarse you will want to maintain a stubble length of 3 mm or even shorter. If on the other hand you have wispier, more spacer facial hair, going for a longer (no more than 5 mm) will give you a denser looking coverage than you would have got if you trimmed down to 3 mm.
  • Experiment with different lengths to find what gives you the most even coverage.
  • Next you will want to make sure your stubble is clearly defined. Always keep your upper cheeks clear of hair, develop a border to clearly define where your stubble starts. this prevents you developing an unruly look as your hair will get thinner as it goes up your cheeks.
  • Similarly please keep your neckline neat as well. Yes some guys look OK with a “neck beard” but for the vast majority of us, keeping the neck free of hair helps maintain a clean look. Growing your stubble down to the nape of your neck is fine, just stop there!
  • If your a guy with a bit of a double chin, don’t go for the stubble that stops just below the chin on the underside of your jaw line look. This look will only accent your double chin.
  • Always use the right tools, check out our range of best stubble trimmers for the best results here. Don’t try to get away with using a beard trimmer (although there are some that do an adequate job). Your aim is to grow the perefct stubble! Specialised stubble trimmers will trim closer than regular beard trimmers.
  • Take your time, don’t quickly run the stubble trimmer of your face in the morning or before you go out, take 15 mins to pass over a few times, it will help pick up hair that is growing at quicker rates and give you a much more polished look, seriously this is often the difference between an OK stubble and the perfect stubble!
  • Lastly keep your stubble clean. If your the type of guy that smokes or drinks, try to wash your face a few times during the day, after eating as well. A simple rinse with clean water will do the trick, but soap will help even more. Because your sporting heair on your face anything thaqt goes near your mouth that has an odour will hang on the outside of your face as well, this will put off any prospective partner or conquest.

Done correctly the prefect stubble will have you looking like an A – list celebrity (well almost ;)), but done badly you will look like a vagrant, follow the tips above and in no time you will be sporting the perfect stubble, one which is the envy of all men and boost your masculine attractiveness with women (or partner).