Why Women Find Stubble Sexy!

Why women find stubble attractive

Beards come in different shapes, sizes and density’s. When it comes to attractiveness they each play a different role.

According to psychological research, women derive strong social and sexual signals from a man’s facial hair. Interestingly each type of beard conveys different signals to females. Perhaps even more interesting is other studies have found that the beard mostly correlates with the woman’s perception of aggression and masculinity. According to a remarkable publication by Barnaby J. Dixson and Robert C. Brooks, in their book (link here) titled ‘The role of facial hair in women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness, health, masculinity and parenting abilities‘, intermediate beardedness (stubble) is perceived to be more sexually appealing than full beardedness. On the other hand, full-bearded men are perceived as strong protectors who might make good fathers.

why women find stubble sexySome of the major reasons why women find stubble sexy:

Perceived fertility

As choreographed by nature, women will tend to be more taken (subconsciously as well as consciously) by a man who portrays an image of maturity. Beardedness has since time began, been an obvious indication of virility surrounding puberty. That in itself is the amazing power of the beard, but not just any beard. Stubble beards convey both an attractive and masculine signal to the females because it has just the right amount of distribution and length. A message of a man entering adulthood and able to dominate. This is mostly as a result of biological determinants of attraction in humans.

Sexual attractiveness

Stubble gives a good, attractive appearance, better than any other type of beard according to majority of women. It appears that stubble has jus the right amount of growth, to provide a perception of mystery, strength, virility with a hint of bad boy. Learn more about how stubble can make you more manly here.

Northumbria University psychologists carried out a study (see study here) on 76 women who were required to rate the desirability of various men in photographs as partners. Full bearded faces were perceived as aggressive, very masculine and much older than they actually were. Clean shaven faces were the least sexually appealing while the lightly bearded were the most preferable partners.

Some women have also admitted that they loved the sensual feeling that they experience as the hair comes into contact with their skin during intimacy.

Style and fashion

The right amount of facial hair also works tricks on one’s looks and implies good grooming skills. For the woman, it shows a man who is aware of fashion and style and is willing to make the effort to keep his looks in check. You can bet there is nothing more attractive for a woman, than a man who knows exactly what they want. It also appears like most men’s clothing and accessories are complemented by the stubbly look. A man can conveniently choose to get a ‘designer stubble’ to boost his appearance. It is quite fashionable and has remained very popular over the last two centuries. It gives a classic distinguished look that speaks a good fashion sense in any occasion.

Even in the corporate environment, stubbles are very much accepted as a stylish accessory. You can look good a the beach or in the office with a well groomed stubble.


Maintaining a your stubble is essential to the man’s overall image. The stubble is an accessory in itself as it gives the impression of a perfectly framed face with a hint of both gentleness and strength.

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